We are the regular people who quit their once adventurous lifestyle (we both lived in Africa for a couple of years, to give an example) to settle down in Europe with steady eight-to-four jobs (well, almost).


“But why, when everyone dreams about quitting their jobs and travel, would you do the opposite?” - you may ask.


To be honest, we didn’t find constant traveling all that attractive. After weeks it gets tiring. After months, it becomes a struggle. After years… all you wanna do is go home and never leave again.


So what’s the purpose of the travel blog?


Well, we never actually got cured of our travel bug. We still love departures and arrivals, meeting new people, wowing new places, tasting new flavors - all that jazz that comes with a travel package. The thing is, we just want traveling to spice up our life, not be the main dish. We want to change the myth that quitting your “boring” job to travel will improve your life. In most cases, it won’t. Traveling does not require giving up your lifestyle, job and family. It’s the added value. And it’s not true you cannot afford it unless you have a CEO salary. Believe us, if we can afford it, so can you.


We admit - it requires time and patience to organize your holiday without a travel agency. But the money you save will give you a chance to see some extra places you would never see with an agent. And it will lift your travel comfort at least one class higher (another myth: true traveler must sleep in hostels, eat from street stalls and never part with a backpack. Yes, it might sound like a fun adventure when you’re 20, but the time comes when you like your ocean sunsets more if they come with a nice hotel room and a dinner with candles).


If you need inspiration check out how we did it. And wherever, however you travel, have fun on your trip while NOT quitting your job!



                                                                             Gabriela and Chris


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