El Ateneo Buenos Aires

Sip your coffee on the stage


Even if a performance anxiety is your second name, you will not want to leave THIS stage.


Built in 1919, El Ateneo Grand Splendid Theater in Buenos Aires hosted numerous tango celebrities, today it is the most recognizable bookstore in Argentina.


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What to see in Argentina

Photos of Argentina


It's obvious why Argentina has been put on most travel bucket lists and it doesn't need anyone's recommendation. Yet, we hope our photos will convince you to visit this beautiful country sooner rather than later.


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How to plan a trip to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay

How to plan a trip to Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay


Ever wondered how to plan a perfect trip to Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay? Here's our travel itinerary, tested in the field. Read our tips and get inspired.


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What to see and do in Argentina

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