Photos of Guatemala


Guatemala is one of our favorite destinations. Why? See our photos and you won't have any doubts where to take your camera on your next photo-shoot.


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What to see in Guatemala


Top 10 places you can't skip when planning a trip to Guatemala.


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How to plan a trip to Guatemala and Belize


If you are planning a trip to Guatemala and Belize you shouldn't miss our itinerary. Below you'll find a detailed plan of 20 days we spent in both countries. Travel tips, recommendations and photos to make your holiday easier to organize.


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What to see and do in Guatemala


INDONESIA: Jayapura, the picturesque city in Papua

INDONESIA: Bori, Indonesian Stonehenge in Sulawesi

UZBEKISTAN: Shahrizabz - a birthplace of Timur (Tamerlane)

INDONESIA: Lake Poso, the pleasant break in our trip to Sulawesi

INDONESIA: Tondano, the biggest lake in North Sulawesi


INDONESIA: three colorful lakes of Kelimutu volcano (Flores) 


INDONESIA: How to travel Flores smart and stay within a budget


What to see in UZBEKISTAN


Ngerulmud, the weird capital of PALAU

INDONESIA: How to plan a trip to Sulawesi (10-day itinerary)


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