What to see and do in India

How to plan a trip to South India and the Andaman Islands


Going to South India? This article is just for you. Read about our journey to Karnataka, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and the Andaman Islands. As usual, we provide you with all the useful details to make your holiday easy to plan and unforgettable.


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Incredible India in our photos


Going to India? See our pictures from India. They will help you decide which places shouldn't be left out of your itinerary.


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Meet Rajan, the swimming elephant


Read about Rajan, the last swimming elephant of the Andaman Islands.


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Visit dhobis - the laundry wizards


If you are no stranger to the missing socks mystery, you should check how the professionals deal with this dilemma. And I’m talking about people who NEVER lose their laundry, although they wash literally millions of pieces of clothing a week. By hand. In the open air. Standing in water!


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