Luba village, Flores, Indonesia



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What to see in Luba village



Less famous than Bena village, Luba seemed to be completely neglected by the tourists. And, well, we preferred it that way. Although we have to admit,  it was a bit puzzling: first of all, Luba is located next door to Bena. Second: although lacking the fairy-tale charm distinctive to Bena and Gurusina, it makes up with its location, at the very foot of Mt. Inerie.


Like in any other traditional village in Flores, you will be asked to leave a donation and a signature in the guest book before you enter.


At the time of our visit, the residents celebrated a ceremony that required an ox to be sacrificed (it seems all traditional celebrations in Indonesia, sad and happy, require shedding rivers of blood). After killing the animal, the blood was smeared over the centrally located nghadu pillar, representing male spirits.


If you move forward and down the central terraced space, occupied by the megalithic stone structures, and you turn around toward the entrance to Luba, you will see the panoramic image of the village, with its thatched houses, nghadu pillars and bhagas (small hut representing female spirits), neatly fitted into the frames of the regular cone of Mt. Inerie.

Luba village, Flores, Indonesia



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Luba village, Flores, Indonesia
Luba village, Flores, Indonesia
Luba village, Flores, Indonesia

How to get to Luba village


If you stay in Bajawa, the best idea is to hire the motorbike (ojek), preferably with a driver who knows the way. The tarmac road ends near Bena village (about 7 kilometers from Bajawa). Luba is the next village, close to Bena.


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Luba village, Flores, Indonesia
Luba village, Flores, Indonesia
Luba village, Flores, Indonesia
Luba village, Flores, Indonesia
Flores Indonesia
Flores Indonesia

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