Puu village, Flores, Indonesia



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How to get to Puu village


Puu village is located only 4 kilometers from Ruteng, so the best way is to rent a motorbike. Walking also doesn’t seem to be a bad idea if you’re fit. Another way is to arrange a short detour with a driver who is going to drive you to Bajawa or Labuan Bajo (if you travel by car). We chose the third option.


Tips before you go to Puu village


Honestly, we had no idea about the existence of Puu village until our driver mentioned it during the bargaining – we were negotiating the price of the transportation from Ruteng to Labuan Bajo and he proposed to take us to Puu village (the spiderweb rice fields were already in the package) instead of cutting down on the final sum.


It is worth a visit if you haven’t seen any other traditional villages in Flores. If you have, you might still consider going there if it’s on your way. But making any special arrangements in your itinerary is – in our opinion – not worth it.


It is a tiny village – a hamlet, really – that can be easily visited in 15 minutes. And although small, the place seemed to be popular among travelers – we saw a couple of cars with tourists coming and going.


Chris invited himself inside one of the huts to take some pics and wasn’t chased away, so we guess some good-natured people must live in the village.


There is a weird cemetery near the entrance to Puu; we noticed the visitors skipping it, not knowing about its existence.


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And if you need help with planning your trip, see our itinerary on How to plan a trip to Flores, Indonesia.

Puu village, Flores, Indonesia
Puu village, Flores, Indonesia



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Puu village, Flores, Indonesia
Puu village, Flores, Indonesia
Puu village, Flores, Indonesia
Puu village, Flores, Indonesia
Puu village, Flores, Indonesia
Puu village, Flores, Indonesia
Flores Indonesia
Flores Indonesia

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