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Ruteng, spiderweb rice fields




How to get to spiderweb rice fields (Cancar Hill) from Ruteng


Located 16 kilometers from Ruteng, in Cara village, the spiderweb rice fields are a must if you visit Manggarai region.


A trip to the fields can be easily arranged even if you come to Ruteng only in transit.


One way is to rent a motorbike (preferably with a driver). Another – to get a bemo (shuttle minibus) from the market in Ruteng. Finally, you can arrange a short detour with a driver who is going to drive you to Bajawa or Labuanbajo (if you travel by car).


How to visit Cancar Hill


The best spot, from where all the photos you can see on our website had been taken, is called Cancar Hill. It is located in Cara village and requires a bit climbing (but nothing too wearing), and – no surprise here – leaving a donation. Fortunately, the fee won’t ruin your travel budget, and the view is more than worth it.


And although the view changes, depending on the season and the progress on harvest (during our visit the triangles weren’t perfectly green, and the patches of brown dominated the panorama), it’s breathtaking all year round.


To see what else you can do in Flores go to our article What to see and do in Flores, Indonesia.


And if you need help with planning your trip, see our itinerary on How to plan a trip to Flores, Indonesia.

Spiderweb rice fields, Ruteng, Flores, Indonesia



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Spiderweb rice fields, Ruteng, Flores, Indonesia
Spiderweb rice fields, Ruteng, Flores, Indonesia
Spiderweb rice fields, Ruteng, Flores, Indonesia
Spiderweb rice fields, Ruteng, Flores, Indonesia
Flores Indonesia
Flores Indonesia

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