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If you came to Flores only to see Kelimutu volcano and you don’t plan on visiting Bajawa with its famous traditional villages (like Bena, Gurusina or Luba), then Wologai is the best you can get in the Ende district in terms of “traditional”.


It is inhabited by the Lio people and built in the traditional Lionese architectural style. Small but pretty, the village looks more like an open-air museum than an actual hamlet. At a time of our visit, some houses were being built from scratch – we were told the village was hit by a fire and got burned to the ground. Well, covered heavily with the palm leaves, the houses indeed look extremely flammable.


We heard the village used to have a powerful talisman – a drum made of human skin. Unfortunately, it got stolen and along with the drum have left the protective spirits…


It will take about 30 minutes or less to visit the village. It is conveniently located near Moni, close to the main road to Ende (although it requires a short detour from the tarmac), so it is worth a visit on your way to the airport.


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Wologai village, Flores, Indonesia
Wologai village, Flores, Indonesia



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Wologai village, Flores, Indonesia
Wologai village, Flores, Indonesia
Flores Indonesia
Flores Indonesia

Wologai village, Flores, Indonesia

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