Although Sulawesi looks like an octopus after multiple amputations, there's nothing the island lacks. Quite the opposite, the range of activities and sights is so abundant that Sulawesi might share them with several other islands. The only problem, due to Sulawesi's bizarre shape, is transportation between the places. It is either cheap but long (buses and ferries) or quick but more expensive (airplanes). 


Sulawesi is considered an off-the-beaten-track destination in Indonesia, but it isn't wholly true. Some parts of Sulawesi are very trendy among travelers, and you'd better deal with it. And, as the most crowded destinations are at the same time the most fascinating ones, don't even think about skipping them. Here we should mention Toraja Land, where the chances of meeting your neighbor from a hotel in Bali are the greatest. 


But indulging in Toraja culture is only one of many things to do in Sulawesi. There are also the beautiful coral reefs to dive among, jungles and national parks to explore, volcanos to climb... You name it, Sulawesi has it all!


Sulawesi Indonesia

What to see and do in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sumba Indonesia

What to see and do in Sulawesi


The best places in Sulawesi that shouldn't be left out of your travel itinerary. Our subjective top 10 of tourist attractions in Sulawesi



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Sulawesi tourist attractions

How to plan a trip to Sulawesi, Indonesia?


What to see and do in Sulawesi in 10 days? Check our travel itinerary: Tana Toraja, Tentena, Palu, Manado, Bunaken.

Going to Sulawesi will be easier with our tips and suggestions.


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Sulawesi itinerary

How to plan a day trip around Manado


Manado was supposed to be only a transit spot on our way to Bunaken National Park. But we liked it so much we decided to see more of Minahasa Peninsula. See our itinerary and get inspired.



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What to do in Manado

What to see and do in Tana Toraja


How to plan a trip to Toraja, Indonesia - the full itinerary of our 2-day trip to Torajaland. The map, descriptions and photos of the places you can't miss when visiting Tana Toraja.



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Toraja Indonesia

 Bori, Toraja


Bori Toraja: Indonesian Stonehenge better than original.

Bori, or rather Kalimbuang Bori Village, is one of ten traditional settlements in Tana Toraja nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage list. 



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What to see in Sulawesi - Bori, Toraja

 Batutumonga, Toraja


Forget about Jatiluwih rice terraces in Bali - Batutumonga will blow you off your feet.

Batutumonga is a village located in Northern Toraja Land. But it's not just any village. It's a masterpiece among the most scenic places in the world. 

Still skeptic? See our photos and put Batutumonga in your bucket list!



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Batutumonga Toraja

Londa, Toraja


Manado was supposed to be only a transit spot on our way to Bunaken National Park. But we liked it so much we decided to see more of Minahasa Peninsula. See our itinerary and get inspired.


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Londa Toraja Indonesia

Kete Kesu, Toraja


Kete Kesu Village is not only one of the oldest (dating back more than 300 years) but also one of the most beautiful village settlements in Tana Toraja. It was nominated as a UNESCO Heritage Site and definitely is one of the places you can't miss on your trip to Toraja Land.


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Kete Kesu Toraja Indonesia

 Bukit Kasih near Manado


Bukit Kasih ("Hill of Love") near Manado is a very strange place. It is a crossing between the sanatorium (plenty of basins with sulfur water for soaking weary legs) and the interfaith pilgrimage destination.



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What to do in Sulawesi - Bukit Kasih

 Lemo, Toraja


If there ever was a single picture that inspired you to visit Tana Toraja, we are sure it was taken in Lemo, as the spectacular Lemo burial cliff is considered symbolic for Toraja. And not without reason.



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What to do in Sulawesi - Bukit Kasih

Bolu Market, Toraja


Bolu marked is on the bucket lists of most travelers going to Tana Toraja. The bulls are the primary focus here but don't miss other attractions like Marante Village.


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Bolu Market Toraja Indonesia

  Lake Tondano near Manado


There are so many attractions Lake Tondano has to offer. Starting from swimming in its emerald waters, renting a boat and visiting the floating villages, to admiring orange carps at goldfish farms or just passing the time in one of the countless restaurants facing the water surface.



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What to do in Sulawesi - Lake Tondano

  Lake Linow near Manado


Lake Linow is a small volcanic lake in Tomohon, near Manado. The mainly sulfurous composition of the lake makes it smell like rotten eggs. But the smell is part of the fun, along with the great view of the colorful water surface. Depending on the chemical composition of the water, one day it's blue, the other might be red. When we visited Linow, it was emerald green.



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What to do in Sulawesi - Lake Linow

Lake Poso


Lake Poso with its max depth of 450 meters is the third-deepest lake in Indonesia. The surrounding hills make it look a bit like a mountain reservoir, but in fact, their height does not exceed 500 meters. And despite the lake depth, the water is not too cold but rather pleasantly cooling. 


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What to do in Sulawesi - Lake Poso

 Bunaken National Park


The Bunaken National Park is located in North Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is a marine park - 97% of its area is covered by ocean waters. The visitors have two options of spending time in Bunaken National Park - they can dive or they can snorkel. See our travel tips and have time of your life in this underwater paradise.



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Bunaken National Park

Sulawesi through our lens


More of Tana Toraja, Manado, Bunaken National Park and Lake Poso in our travel photos. 


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What to do in Sulawesi - Lake Poso

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