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Bukit Kasih, Manado


Bukit Kasih ("Hill of Love") is a very strange place. It is a crossing between the sanatorium (plenty of basins with sulfur water for soaking weary legs) and the interfaith pilgrimage destination. It was built over 15 years ago as a spiritual center where people of different faiths can gather and pray together. Located on the several hills, Bukit Kasih is home to five temples, including Catholic, Buddhist, and Hindu.

Bukit Kasih, Sulawesi
Bukit Kasih, Sulawesi


Entering Bukit Kasih, the visitors pass by the high spire called the "Tolerance Monument." It is a pentagonal construction with the carvings on each side, symbolizing each of the religion.

Bukit Kasih, Tolerant Monument
Bukit Kasih, Sulawesi

From there you might take one of the paths leading to the top of the hills. The walk will be uphill but in the beautiful surroundings.

Bukit Kasih, Sulawesi
Bukit Kasih, Sulawesi

But what brings some of the visitors here, are the enormous human heads carved in the rocks (bringing to mind Mount Rushmore). They are Toar and Lumimuut, the mythical ancestors of Minahasa people. 

Bukit Kasih, Sulawesi

How to get to Bukit Kasih


Bukit Kasih is located 50 kilometers from Manado. It can be reached from Manado by public transport in an hour or so, but it is much faster to get here in a car. We made Bukit Kasih a part of the day tour around Manado. To see the details go to our article How to plan a day-trip around Manado.

To enter the area of Bukit Kasih, you will have to pay a small fee. Also for leaving the car in a parking lot near the entrance. 

Bukit Kasih, Sulawesi


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Sulawesi Indonesia

  Bukit Kasih Manado, Indonesia

Sulawesi Indonesia
Bukit Kasih, Sulawesi

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Bukit Kasih, Sulawesi

The hills below the stone heads steam and roar with sulfur fumes. The water flowing through the slopes is rich in sulfur as well, which is why the place is frequented by pilgrims with rheumatic problems, who eagerly soak their achy joints here.

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