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Lake Tondano


Lake Tondano is the largest lake in North Sulawesi but not in whole Sulawesi, as you might be mistakenly informed. In Sulawesi, there are several lakes bigger than Tondano. It doesn't change the fact, that Tondano is unique and worth seeing if you visit Manado.


For the greater motivation let's add, that in the Indonesian National Planning for Tourism Development 2010-2015 strategy, Tondano has been declared as one of the 88 key areas. So hurry up before it gets trampled like Lake Batur in Bali.


How to get to Lake Tondano


It is very easy to get to Lake Tondano from Manado - the distance is less than 40 kilometers. There is even public transportation to some places on the shore but always ask in your hotel about the up-to-date details.You might also see the lake as a part of the day trip around Manado. This is what we did, and we enjoyed it a lot. Besides Tondano, we also visited Kali waterfall, Tomohon with Pagoda Ekayana and "extreme market," Woloan, Lake Linow, Bukit Kasih, Pulutan and Sawangan. To see how we organized the trip go to our article Manado day trip


The downside of such a trip is a rush. Depending on how much time you spent in places visited on the way, you might not be able to enjoy all the attractions Lake Tondano has to offer. 

And there are many of them. Starting from swimming in its emerald waters, renting a boat and visiting the floating villages, to admiring orange carps at goldfish farms or just passing the time in one of the countless restaurants facing the water surface.


To see how we planned our trip to Sulawesi go to the article Sulawesi Itinerary.

Tondano Lake, Manado, Sulawesi
Tondano Lake, Manado, Sulawesi
Tondano Lake, Manado, Sulawesi
Tondano Lake, Manado, Sulawesi


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