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How to get to Batutumonga


Batutumonga is a village located in Northern Toraja Land. But it's not just any village. It's a masterpiece among the most scenic places in the world. And there is no exaggeration in this statement - Batutumonga is simply beautiful. The tarmac road winds through the hills covered with rice fields. If you ever raved about Jatiluwih rice terraces in Bali, you have to visit Sulawesi - Batutumonga will blow you off your feet.


Located less than 20 kilometers from Rantepao, Batutumonga is easiest to reach with a car. We rented a car with a driver for a two-day stay in Tana Toraja with the help of our hotel staff (see the details here: How to plan a trip to Tana Toraja). But if you don't want to rent a car, you can also reach Batutumonga with the public transport: first, take a bemo from Rantepao to Bolu and then switch to another bemo to Batutumonga.

Batutumonga, Toraja, Indonesia
Batutumonga Toraja
Batutumonga Toraja

What to do in Batutumonga


Make sure to book more time in your Toraja itinerary as you're going to stop every few meters to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. If Batutumonga is a part of your day trip and you are in no hurry, you might even walk a few kilometers and catch your driver at the end of the scenic road.

Batutumonga Toraja
Batutumonga Toraja

Along the tarmac, you will pass several cafes and restaurants, all with the viewing platforms. You will also see many viewpoints, including Tinimbayo, the most famous one. 

Batutumonga Toraja
Batutumonga Toraja

Some people decide to spend a night here and make Batutumonga a starting point to climb Gunung Sesean, the highest peak of Tana Toraja. 


In the close neighborhood of Batutumonga, there is a place named Lokomata, very much worth visiting, where you'll find a huge burial stone where the contemporary burials take place.

Lokomata Toraja

In Batutumonga, there is a nice restaurant, and a hotel also called Batutumonga. The food is mediocre, but fight for a spot with a view and any meal will taste like bird's milk. 

Batutumonga Toraja


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Sulawesi Indonesia

 Things to do in Batutumonga Toraja, Indonesia

Sulawesi Indonesia
Batutumonga Toraja

To read about other places worth a visit in Tana Toraja check our article: What to see and do in Toraja Land. And to see how we planned our trip to Sulawesi go to Sulawesi Itinerary.

Batutumonga Toraja

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