Bolu Market, Toraja, Indonesia
Bolu Market, Toraja, Indonesia

Well, maybe except the albino buffalos - they can cost more than a good car (sometimes as much as a house) and thus draw the attention of every person at a market. 

Bolu Market, Toraja, Indonesia

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Bolu Market, Toraja


Bolu marked is on the bucket lists of most travelers going to Tana Toraja. But not everyone will have a chance to visit the market, as it is held only every six days (edit: lately it takes place twice a week - on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Always ask the locals). But is there really a reason to regret if you miss the market? 


The primary focus of the sellers and buyers are the bulls, and it is especially visible on the main market field where these animals are kept. Some are proudly walked around, some are tied close to the posts for no apparent reason. Walking among them was a sad and smelly activity, as the animals spend there about 6 hours (the market opens at 8 am and closes after 2 pm), some under full sun, with no cover. Doesn't help to know that most of the animals will end up as a snack at a funeral or wedding, previously being sacrificed in a bizarre ceremony.

Bolu Market, Toraja, Indonesia

In our opinion, despite being called "the biggest bull market in Asia," the most interesting part of Bolu was the one with colorful fruit and vegetables (and other food products). And this is where we spent the most time.

Bolu Market, Toraja, Indonesia
Bolu Market, Toraja, Indonesia

What we liked the most about the bulls was their preparation for the market a day before: during our car trip, we watched the bulls on the local farms being washed and pampered to look impressive for the future buyers.

Bolu Market, Toraja, Indonesia

Marante Village


But the most exciting place was located a bit outside the market: the village called Marante. You can walk there directly from the market, just ask the locals for directions. When you pass the lively school with shouting kids, look up to the rocks on the other side of the street. You will find the caves full of Tau Tau looking at you silently. The contrast between the two worlds can give you goosebumps. 

Bolu Market, Toraja, Indonesia
Bolu Market, Toraja, Indonesia


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Bolu Market, Toraja, Indonesia

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Bolu Market, Toraja, Indonesia

  Bolu Market  Toraja, Indonesia

Sulawesi Indonesia
Sulawesi Indonesia
Bolu Market, Toraja, Indonesia
Bolu Market, Toraja, Indonesia

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