Bori, Toraja, Indonesia
Bori, Toraja, Indonesia

Scattered around the ceremonial grounds, you will find huge stone boulders, carved out to house human remains. Some chambers are still empty and unsealed. Near one of the boulders, we even met the stonemasons at work.

Bori, Toraja, Indonesia

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Just to be clear: calling Bori the Indonesian Stonehenge is a big understatement. In Bori, you will find much more than barely a stone circle. Bori is Torajaland in a nutshell! 


What is Bori


Bori, or rather Kalimbuang Bori Village, is one of ten traditional settlements in Tana Toraja nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage list. 

The site of Bori is a combination of ceremonial grounds and burials, still used for traditional ceremonies, including rituals for the dead and thanksgiving.

The place is amazing, yet for some reason not very popular among the tourists. Which is good news, as the chances are big that you will have Bori for yourself during your visit. 

The area resembles a park - it is vast and a bit hilly, so make sure to have enough time for your stay (at least one hour).


What to see in Bori


On the ceremonial grounds, near the entrance, you will find more than 100 menhirs, each representing a funeral feast performed in the past. The menhirs differ in size and age and constitute the largest cluster of menhirs in Tana Toraja.

Bori, Toraja, Indonesia

If you take the path to the right from the menhir field, a bit uphill, it will lead you to the tree-grave for babies, similar to the one in Kambira (there are signs to be followed along the path).

Bori, Toraja, Indonesia
Bori, Toraja, Indonesia

Also, there are five tongkonan (traditional ancestral houses) spread around the area. Plus you will see many tongkonan buildings on the way to Bori, among the rice fields. 

Bori, Toraja, Indonesia

How to get to Bori


Kalimbuang Bori Village is located about 5 kilometers from Rantepao and best visited by car. The road is winding and leads through villages and rice fields.

At the entrance, you will be asked to pay a small fee.


To see the details about how to organize a two-day stay in Torajaland, go to our article Toraja itinerary.

Bori, Toraja, Indonesia
Bori, Toraja, Indonesia


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Bori, Toraja, Indonesia

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Bori, Toraja, Indonesia

  Bori Toraja: Indonesian Stonehenge better than original

Sulawesi Indonesia
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Bori, Toraja, Indonesia
Bori, Toraja, Indonesia
Bori, Toraja, Indonesia

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