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If you found this page, you know what Tana Toraja is. At least you think you know. But even if you saw the pictures of the bizarre and fascinating Toraja customs related to death and ancestors, visiting the burial caves in person will blow you off your feet. 


Tana Toraja is full of such places. Some of the locations are put on UNESCO Tentative List, and you'll find Londa among them.

Londa, Toraja, Indonesia
Londa. Toraja
Londa Toraja

What to do in Londa


In Londa, you will see two methods of burial: one is reserved for ordinary people another for the rich and influential. 


The coffins of the ordinary people are placed in one of the two caves at the foot of the hill. When the wooden coffins decompose in time, the remnants are put in various places within the caves (like the rock shelves or simply the floor).

Londa Toraja
Londa Toraja

The people of higher rank rest in burial chambers carved in the limestone cliffs. Their remnants are guarded by tau-tau (their effigies made of wood and elegantly dressed). Some of the tau-tau are really old, while others very recent, being an exact copy of the deceased.

Londa Toraja
Londa Toraja

At the entrance to the burial sites of Londa, a guide with a lamp can be hired for a small fee. You might also visit the caves with a cell phone light, but the experience will be less Indiana Jones.

Londa Toraja

How to get to Londa


Londa is located only 6 kilometers from Rantepao, which means you can reach it by car in less than 15 minutes. To see the details about how to organize a two-day stay in Torajaland, go to our article Toraja itinerary.

Londa Toraja


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Things to do in Londa Toraja, Indonesia

Sulawesi Indonesia
Londa Toraja

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Londa Toraja

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