Ratenggaro village - number one tourist attraction in Sumba, Indonesia


If Ratenggaro is not on your Sumba bucket list, you’d better get a new one. And make Ratenggaro your number one.


Ratenggaro is a name shared by a village located in Kodi district, about 50 kilometers southwest from Tambolaka, and also a wide, sandy beach spread at the foot of the village. It is probably the most touristy place in Sumba, which still means you will most likely be the only stranger at the time of your visit.


The first thing you’ll see after arriving in the village (first after you finally wade through the vendors trying to sell you all kind of goods, some actually really cool, like weird musical instruments or sculptures) is a spectacular view of the sea, framed by the slender roofs of the houses (by the residents of Ratenggaro claimed to be the tallest in Sumba) and the stone tombs.

Ratenggaro - fun, tombs and horses


The view from the village is marvelous, but the real deal is what you’ll see when you walk to the sandy peninsula below. The massive megalithic tomb guarding the picturesque village cliff became the unquestionable symbol of Sumba, luring photographers from all over the world.


Ratenggaro is a very lively village, with its everyday life rolling on in front of your eyes. And even if the only purpose of your visit was to see the famous megalithic tombs, you’ll get hooked by the usual-unusual turmoil around: the kids on horses, yelling “mister, mister” regardless of your gender, the elders watching you curiously, but pretending they don’t, the house-builders letting you hammer a nail and then laughing at your clumsiness… Welcome to fun Ratenggaro!

Ratenggaro, Sumba, Indonesia
Ratenggaro, Sumba, Indonesia



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Ratenggaro, Sumba, Indonesia
Ratenggaro, Sumba, Indonesia
Ratenggaro, Sumba, Indonesia
Ratenggaro, Sumba, Indonesia
Ratenggaro, Sumba, Indonesia
Ratenggaro, Sumba, Indonesia
Ratenggaro, Sumba, Indonesia
Ratenggaro, Sumba, Indonesia
Sumba Indonesia
Sumba Indonesia

Ratenggaro, Sumba, Indonesia

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