Plan a trip to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama


How to plan a trip to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama - our tips and ready-to-use itinerary to help you organize your own trip.


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Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama itinerary

Our main reason to visit Nicaragua was volcano boarding. It seems weird now when we look back and remember all other, more interesting things we saw and experienced during our trip. But when we planned it, the only tourist attraction in Nicaragua we knew was the volcano boarding. We heard about it on TV, in some travel series, and thought it was a great and original entertainment. That moment we put it on our bucket list. Years later - checked! Well, it was fun, but honestly, it sounds muuuch funnier than it really is. And although we probably won't slide down the Cerro Negro slope again, we definitely wouldn't mind going back to Nicaragua one day. There are lots of things we have missed (no way to see everything on one trip, Nicaragua has so much to offer!) and lots of places we have visited, but would love to see them again. We write about them here:




What to see and do in Nicaragua


The best places to see in Nicaragua - top 8 destinations in Nicaragua that shouldn't be left out of your travel itinerary.


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What to see and do in Nicaragua

Things to do in Ometepe


Going to Nicaragua? Don't forget to visit Ometepe. Read our tips on what to do and see on this beautiful island.


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What to see and do in Nicaragua

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