Jellyfish Lake in Palau


Did you know there are several jellyfish lakes in Palau? See our tips on how to swim with the jellyfish even if you were told it was not longer possible.


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Jellyfish Lake Palau

Palau scenic flight


How to see the Rock Islands from above.

Read our tips on how to organize scenic flights over the Rock Islands, and where to find scheduled flights to Peleliu and Angaur islands.


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Palau scenic flight

What to see and do in Palau


The best places to see in Palau - top 10 destinations in Palau that shouldn't be left out of your travel itinerary.


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What to see and do in Palau
Palau itinerary

How to plan a trip to Palau



What to see and do in Palau in 8 days? How to plan a perfect trip? Here's our itinerary, check out how we did it and get inspired.


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Palau is a little country located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is inhabited by only 18 thousand people but somehow manages to host about 50 thousand tourists each year. The visitors outnumber the locals, and yet Palau is listed as one of the least visited countries in the world. However, the flow of tourists grows systematically and along grows the consideration about their influence over the Palauan environment, the country's main treasure. Perhaps to keep the hordes of tourists at bay, the Palauan authorities regularly increase the fees the visitors are obligated to pay. It makes Palau also one of the most expensive destinations in the world. To give some examples: you'll be expected to pay 50 USD in total for the departure tax, 50 USD for the Rock Islands use permit in Koror (valid for 10 days), around 30 USD  for some other permits if you visit other states...Yes, Palau is costly, but what you'll experience here is priceless.


Palau was my dream destination ever since Chris told me about Jellyfish Lake - a marine lake almost separated from the ocean, where some species of the jellyfish evolved to become stingless. Every year the lake allures visitors, as it is possible to swim with the jellyfish.


Or it used to be. When we arrived in Palau, we learned that it was no longer an option. During the previous months, Palau experienced some horrible drought that somehow afflicted the jellyfish, reducing their number almost to zero. The environment authorities hope to rebuild their population, but in the meantime, the tourists are prohibited from swimming in the lake. But what we accidentally learned during our trip to the Rock Islands was that in Palau, there are more marine lakes inhabited by stingless jellyfish. And that at least one is open to tourists.


But Palau is so much more than the jellyfish lakes. It offers some of the finest coral reefs in the world, where among other species, you'll find the giant clams, Tridacna gigas, growing to the weight of 200 kilograms. Here you can kayak among beautiful Rock Islands, inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Moreover, in Palau, you'll find the traces of the mysterious civilizations: the stone heads (some compare Palau to Easter Island) and other anthropomorphic figures, ancient terraces, giants stone money discs... We confirm: yes, in Palau you'll have it all!





Kayaking in Palau


No trip to Palau would be complete without kayaking in the Rock Islands. Plus, you don’t need to have any prior experience in kayaking to enjoy sliding over the coral reefs of Palau.


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Palau kayaking

Ngardmau waterfall


Ngardmau waterfall is a nice break from snorkeling and kayaking. See the article to learn how to get to the waterfall and what to do there.


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Palau Ngardmau waterfall

How to spend a perfect day in Palau Pacific Resort


Palau Pacific Resort is a luxury hotel known for having an access to the most beautiful beach in Palau.  And it offers day passes for visitors who want to enjoy the beach.


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Palau Pacific Resort

Palau through our lens



More photos of Babeldaob, Koror, Peleliu, Rock Islands and Palau Pacific Resort.


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Palau photos

Ngerulmud, the weird capital of Palau



Learn how to visit Ngerulmud, the weird capital of Palau. See our photos and read our suggestions.


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Ngerulmud, Palau

Peleliu Island (our tips)



Peleliu Island is known mainly as a fighting ground for one of the bloodiest battles of WWII in the Pacific region. 

For us, Peleliu was an excuse for a costly (albeit spectacular) scenic flight over the Rock Islands.


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Peleliu Island, Palau

Belau National Museum (our tips)



Like to know more about places you visit? Don't skip Belau National Museum - it will teach you everything about Palauan history and culture. Plus you'll get to see the beautiful traditional bai.


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Belau National Museum, Palau

Stone Money (Metuker ra Bisech)



Did you know that the famous circular Stone Money were quarried in Palau? Read our tips on how to organize a trip to Metuker ra Bisech.


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Stone Money, Palau

Badrulchau Stone Monoliths in Babeldaob



Badrulchau is Palau's largest and probably most ancient megalithic site. The site is nestled between handmade terraces and is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. 


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Badrulchau, Palau

Ancient Palau



Palau is called "Easter Island of Micronesia" for a good reason. Actually, for more than one.

If you are a history buff on vacation in Palau, you should seriously consider visiting places from this list.


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Ancient Palau

Snorkeling in  Palau



Where to snorkel in Palau - our tips for Koror, the Rock Islands, and Peleliu Island.


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Palau snorkeling

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