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What is Badrulchau?


Badrulchau is Palau's largest and probably most ancient megalithic site. The archeologists date this place to 150 AD. The site is nestled between handmade terraces and is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. 

Both, the entrance and ticket office are located on a small hill from where you have to step down a bit to the grassland with the stones. The view from the top is spectacular - you can see the megaliths, the palm trees behind them and the ocean in the background. 

Among all 52 basalt megaliths, you will find six huge heads (some are very well preserved, others barely recognizable). The rest of the monoliths are believed to be the pillars of what could have been the largest bai (meeting house) ever built in Palau.

It is the heads that draw visitors to Badrulchau and give Palau the nickname "Easter Island of Micronesia." But what most visitors don't know is that Badrulchau's not the only place where the stone heads can be seen.

To learn more about other megaliths in Palau see our article Ancient Palau.


Where is Badrulchau located?


Badrulchau is located on Babeldaob Island, in Ngarchelong State. To get there, you have to rent a taxi (e.g., share a taxi with other travelers) or buy a day trip in one of the travel agencies (there are plenty of them in Palau). We recommend the first option. To see how we did it, go to our article How to plan a trip to Palau and check Day 8.

Remember, that all states in Palau charge separately for visiting the tourist attractions located within their territories.
In Ngarchelong, the visitors must purchase a 10 USD Cultural Sites Permit, valid for 3 days to all cultural and historical sites.


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Badrulchau, Palau
Badrulchau, Palau



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How to plan a trip to PALAU

What to see and do in PALAU

Jellyfish Lake in PALAU

Badrulchau, Palau
Badrulchau, Palau
Badrulchau, Palau
Badrulchau, Palau
Badrulchau, Palau
Badrulchau, Palau

Badrulchau Stone Monoliths in Babeldaob Palau

Badrulchau, Palau
Badrulchau, Palau

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