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A day pass to Palau Pacific Resort – your gate to the beach paradise


Palau Pacific Resort is a luxury hotel located on Arakabesang Island, near Koror (to see its location on a map go to our article How to plan a trip to Palau). It is known for having access to the most beautiful beach in Palau.


Although staying in Palau Pacific Resort was too expensive for us, we couldn’t resist splurging on a day pass to their beach.


Currently, it costs 100 USD per person and includes a 35 USD voucher to be used in the restaurant (or for the sports equipment rental). It is expensive but keep in mind that there is no public beach in Koror nor on the neighboring islands. Not even one. In fact, there are just a few sandy beaches in Koror at all, and they are all private (read: paid). And Palau is by no mean a cheap destination.


The beach at the Resort was not only the most beautiful we’ve seen in Palau but one of the most beautiful we’ve seen ever. At the time of our visit, it was almost deserted. Besides a few hotel guests, there were no other visitors.

But to tell the truth, we didn’t come to Palau Pacific Resort because of their beach. We came here because of their coral reef.


Snorkeling near Palau Pacific Resort


And the coral reef is simply breathtaking. We knew it because Chris snorkeled here a couple of years ago. He was telling legends about the famous giant clams that lived just a few meters from the shore. The clams were still here, huge and impressive, and the legends proved to be true.


The reef is what attracts the guests, and the owners know it. They take a very good care of it. Among dozens of species of coral, we spotted even more species of reef fishes. At sunset, we even saw a huge sea turtle, grazing underwater near the wooden huts!


We were coming out of the water only when our skin got all wrinkly, and we were looking like old prunes. Even then instead of drying up on the beach, we were using the scuba diving platforms attached to the seabed.  


We even got caught by a small storm when resting on the platform. The rain came suddenly, and we were wondering if it was smart to stay on a metal platform. All right, we knew it wasn’t, but the storm ended as quickly as it started, and the only visible souvenir it had left (besides soaking all our stuff on the beach, of course!) was a beautiful rainbow stretched over the hotel.

Palau Pacific Resort
Palau Pacific Resort




W H A T   T O   S E E   N E X T



How to plan a trip to PALAU

What to see and do in PALAU

Jellyfish Lake in PALAU

Palau Pacific Resort
Palau Pacific Resort
Palau Pacific Resort
Palau Pacific Resort
Palau Pacific Resort
Palau Pacific Resort
Palau Pacific Resort
Palau Pacific Resort

Palau Pacific Resort Day Pass


How to spend a perfect day in Palau Pacific Resort

Palau Pacific Resort
Palau Pacific Resort
Palau Pacific Resort

We came to Palau Pacific Resort early in the morning (shortly after 8 am) and we left it after sunset. Before the departure, we visited the hotel pond where the water turtles were kept (they are fed three times a day. Check the feeding hours with the reception if you’re interested). Waiting for the taxi at the swimming pool, we took dozens of photos of the sunset.

Palau Pacific Resort
Palau Pacific Resort
Palau Pacific Resort

What else to do in Palau Pacific Resort


For us, one day was not enough to do anything else besides sunbathing and snorkeling. But if you have restless bones and swimming won’t help, there are other activities you might enjoy.


You can take scuba diving lessons, for example. Or you can rent a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard and explore their picturesque bay. Or you can go for a little trek to the nearby forested headland.


Whatever you choose, we are sure you will have the time of your life in Palau Pacific Resort. We did.


To see what else you can do in Palau go to our article What to see and do in Palau.

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