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Uzbekistan is not only a country rich in history and cultural marvels but generously blessed with natural wonders as well. It makes a perfect holiday destination and a true paradise for photographers. To choose only 10 top things we liked the most was a seriously tough job.  


If you want to learn how we organized our trip to Uzbekistan, and how we placed the "top 10” in our itinerary, go to How to plan a trip to Uzbekistan.


1. Khiva


Definitely number 1 for both of us. And what’s not to like about Khiva? The ancient fortress full of legends and well-preserved monuments. Plus countless little cafes and restaurants.


For more photos of Khiva click HERE

The best places to see in Uzbekistan - top 10 destinations in Uzbekistan that shouldn't be left out of your travel itinerary.

What to see in Uzbekistan, Khiva

2. Moynaq


One of the most bizarre places we've ever visited - a fleet of fishing vessels rusting among the dunes of the Aralkum desert. It's hard to believe that this place used to be a part of the Aral Sea, the largest water reservoir in Uzbekistan. As a warning.


To read more about the ghost ships of Moynaq go to our article See the ghost ships in a desert.


For more photos of Moynaq click HERE

What to see in Uzbekistan, Moynaq

3. Samarkand


Probably the most visited city in Uzbekistan, thanks to the famous Registan. And although the modern architecture takes over the historical ambiance of Samarkand, there’s still enough magic in the city to lure the wandering spirits.


For more photos of Samarkand click HERE

What to see in Uzbekistan, Samarkand

4. Bukhara


One of the largest cities in Uzbekistan. Fortunately, most of the historical sights are located within walking distance, making it pleasant to visit. Sweltering summer nights are best endured near the Lab-i-Hauz, the main square of Old Bukhara, where the cozy restaurants center around a pool of water.


For more photos of Bukhara click HERE

What to see in Uzbekistan, Bukhara

5. The Nukus Museum


To be precise - the Karakalpakstan State Museum of Art in Nukus. It gathers the world's second largest collection of Russian avant-garde art. Its founder, Igor Savitsky, collected for years the drawings and paintings which the Soviet authorities in the fifties were banishing and destroying. To see the examples of the collection go to the museum’s website.


Of course, the best is to include the museum in your itinerary along with Moynaq and Mizdakhan, but it is well worth a visit on its own.

What to see in Uzbekistan

6. Tashkent


A starting point for most of the trips to Uzbekistan. And unfairly treated as a transit place. Whereas there are many fun things to do in the Uzbek capital, like visiting the Alisher Navoi Park or going to the Tashkent Circus.


To learn more about things to do in Tashkent visit What to see in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


For more photos of Tashkent click HERE

What to see in Uzbekistan, Tashkent

7. Shakhrisabz


Founded almost 3 000 years ago, Shakhrisabz is one of the most ancient cities in Uzbekistan. It is known as a birthplace of Timur (Tamerlane) – a conqueror and the founder of the Timurid Empire in Persia and Central Asia. Today the remaining monuments of the Timurid Dynasty are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and are the main magnets attracting the visitors to the town.


For more photos of Shakhrisabz click HERE

What to see in Uzbekistan, Shakhrisabz

8. Karakalpakstan desert fortresses


The impressive remains of the ancient Khorezm Empire. The best preserved and the most famous is Ayaz-Kala fortress, or rather a fortress complex, dating from the second century AD. Other interesting fortresses are Kyzyl-Kala and Janbas-Kala. The fortresses lie in the middle of the desert, so visiting them might be quite wearisome in July and August.


For more photos of Ayaz-Kala and other fortresses click HERE

What to see in Uzbekistan, desert fortress

9. Mizdakhan


A necropolis being one of the oldest and most visited pilgrimage sites of Karakalpakstan. Located on three hills, the place is said to be the burial place of the biblical Adam. There’s even a mausoleum erected over Adam’s legendary grave, contributing to the widely believed holiness of Mizdakhan.


For more photos of Mizdakhan click HERE

What to see in Uzbekistan, Mizdakhan

10. Fergana Valley


Called "the garden of Uzbekistan", due to its soil and climate favorable for agriculture. And although there are a few interesting palaces and madrassahs to visit in the Fergana Valley, in our opinion it is the bazaars, full of the finest food ever, that makes this region so unique.


For more photos of Fergana Valley click HERE

What to see in Uzbekistan, Fergana Valley


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